ViroBlock lively leaflet masks

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25 in stock

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The Safeairr Viroblock, leaflet  mask like its evergreen foliage is perfect for every season and occasion

The Viroblock masks use intelligent textile solutions from the leading Swiss technology brand HEIQ and are the newest generation of face coverings.

The SafeAirr, 3 layered masks engineered for performance and tailored for comfort are available in a variety of trendy patterns and chic designs.

  • Ergonomically fit for extended daily usage.
  • Nose benders and ear adjusters provide a perfect fit.
  • Made with 100% certified (BCI and Ökotex) cotton fabrics.
  • SafeAirr masks are made with two layers of fabric, with a third layer making a pocket to insert an additional filter.
  • The masks are washable at up to 60°
  • The viroblock lasts up to 30 washes.
  • Viroblock Masks should be changed after 8 hours of usage.
  • Reusable, Sustainable, and Environmentally Friendly.


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